About Us


Founded in 1988, OmegaChem is a Canadian manufacturing company engaged in organic chemistry. The company's mission is to develop, manufacture and distribute fine chemicals, mainly high-value organic synthesis intermediates, niche products such as organofluorinated compounds, chiral molecules derived from amino acids and highly functionalized heterocyclic molecules. In addition to the products offered in its catalogue, OmegaChem develops and synthesizes for its customers molecules for biological tests under research and development contracts. OmegaChem offers different solutions according to the needs of its customers, such as custom synthesis, chemical process optimization and research and development contracts.

Over the years, OmegaChem has acquired a solid expertise in organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry and process chemistry. This expertise enabled it to embark on two research projects in 2009, aiming to identify bioactive molecules within the context of a drug discovery programme.  In addition, in 2013, OmegaChem founded BoroChem PBO in France in order to expand its product offering on the market by acquiring the expertise in boron chemistry of a French company. This acquisition reflects the ambition of sustained growth and represents an important milestone for OmegaChem, enabling it to strengthen its presence in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our expertise comes mainly from the quality of our intellectual capital. We employ over 65 highly qualified scientists, the majority of whom have a master's or doctoral degree. They have access to high-tech laboratory facilities and equipment that enable them to perform advanced chemistry and better support our clients and partners throughout the development process by meeting requirements ranging from milligram to multi-kilogram scale.

Our success stems from a combination of teamwork and outstanding individual effort. We strive to reward collaboration and the pursuit of excellence. We have five core values that are based on our vision and form the foundation of everything we do.


We put emphasis on keeping our partners informed and up to date on every ongoing project and encourage dynamic interactions. We believe that communication is a key value in today's business world.


We promote teamwork within the organization and with our business partners. We continually strive for flexibility, responsiveness and information sharing.


We are results-oriented and aim for excellence in our products and services and in how we achieve them. Minimizing costs and lead time is one of our major goals.


We respect the confidentiality and intellectual property of our clients. We communicate and follow-up throughout the course of our partnerships.


We believe in equal opportunities and treat our customers and employees with dignity and respect. We promote a multicultural environment and cultivate individual talents.