XtalFluor® Reagents get Media Coverage in Chemical & Engineering News

May 3, 2010

Stephen K. Ritter, Senior Editor of C&EN, has recently written an article entitled "Deoxofluorination Reagents Proliferate". The article focuses on the multiple benefits of the new crystalline fluorinating reagents developed by OmegaChem, XtalFluor-E® and XtalFluor-M®,  in comparison to other widely used deoxofluorination reagents, such as DAST, Deoxo-Fluor and Fluolead.  The article can be accessed directly via the link below:




The article was then published in the May 3rd 2010 issue of Chemical & Engineering News in the Science & Technology Concentrates section; Volume 88, Number 18 pp. 34-35.



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