We carry out specific research on the chemical synthesis of a molecule or a family of molecules in order to deliver the product or products that meet the required quantities (ranging from gram to several kilograms), the purity criteria and the other specific features requested by our customers within a specified period. We are experienced in delivering enantiomeric derivatives of natural amino acids (aldehydes, alcohols, protecting groups, etc.), as well as functionalized heterocycles and especially fluorinated materials.


We optimize chemical protocols for our clients to increase yields, reduce the number of processing steps, modify the quantities and the nature of the reagents in order to reduce the manufacturing costs of certain molecules, and improve the scaling and overall safety of synthetic steps. Being fully committed to our clients, your projects become just as valuable to us as they are to you and our team become yours.


Our organic synthesis scientists are at the disposal of our clients to develop, through an outsourcing contract, one or many complex products conditioned by several variables such as feasibility, chemical complexity, number of development steps, scientific uncertainty, cost of raw materials, pharmacological profile, etc. Innovation, communication with our partners and respecting confidentiality are key values for success.


OmegaChem has offered its partners Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) contracts since 1998. Our dynamic team of scientists is able to quickly deliver a variety of high-quality compounds. By maintaining a high level of communication, flexibility and collaboration, OmegaChem is seen as very competitive and attractive as a FTE partner.


OmegaChem is continually working to introduce on the market new molecules that can be integrated to the design of more complex structures, demonstrating innovative properties and increased efficiency. The aim of the company is to dedicate a research and development team to the introduction of new molecules, thus creating interest among partners and actively participating in the global innovation process. This is how OmegaChem wants to inspire your imagination!