XtalFluor Reagents

New fluorinating reagents


With the goal of providing a safer and crystalline fluorinating reagent, OmegaChem discovered in 2010 a new class of reagents with impressive  behavior. In the past, organic chemists needed products such as DAST, Deoxo-Fluor® and more recently Fluolead to perform fluorination, but XtalFluor® reagents now come with a long list of advantages over all of them.


All around advantages over DAST and Deoxo-Fluor!

  • Easily handled crystalline solids
  • Enhanced thermal stability
  • No generation of free HF; compatible with standard glass equipment
  • Fewer elimination side-products
  • Less stringent shipping restrictions
  • Lower costs


Legal notice

XtalFluor® salts are proprietary compounds owned by OmegaChem and covered by the following patent publications: 


OmegaChem has signed a global manufacturing agreement with Manchester Organics (UK) and Navin Fluorine (India) to manufacture XtalFluor® salts, as well as a distribution agreement with Sigma-Aldrich (USA). Therefore, Manchester Organics, Navin Fluorine and Sigma-Aldrich are the only legally recognized entities that can manufacture and / or sell these products. XtalFluor® salts are registered trademarks of OmegaChem.

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Where to buy

Research quantities - Sigma-Aldrich Co.

XtalFluor-E : Catalogue Number 719439

XtalFluor-M : Catalogue Number 719447

Multi-kilo quantities - Manchester Organics

XtalFluor-E : Catalogue Number J11026

XtalFluor-M : Catalogue Number K11027